Clark Memorial International High School students participated in their own Hawaii study abroad program at the HBA. January 24, 2020

※This article was written on 1/27/2020and may be out of date.

Clark Memorial International High School (Clark) regularly offers a short-term program at Hawaii Baptist Academy High School (HBA).
This year, in addition to the regular program, a research program for the newly established “Overseas University Preparatory Course” at Osaka Umeda Campus was also held at the same time.

With this research program, Clark students had been carrying out research activities with HBA since last September. Clark students finally gave their presentations at HBA in Hawaii this time while they were there.

HBA students were enthusiastic to listen to their presentations, as they were about Japan and Hawaii from a comparative cultural perspective. Clark students seemed to be relieved after the giving the presentations.

The program was composed of full of activities. Clark students showed their particular interests during University of Hawaii campus tour by talking about college life in Hawaii and imagining their future.

Clark program in Hawaii focuses not only linguistic progress in English, but also promoting cross-cultural understanding through various exchanges.
We hope that this program at HBA became a great step forward for each one of the participants to gain a global perspective and an ability to establish themselves in global environment.