Two institutions of Soshi Educational Group became members of JASH, and Hiroshi Ohashi, Chair of the Board gave a speech at JASH 2019 Annual Dinner.

※This article was written on 9/15/2019and may be out of date.

International Pacific University and Tokyo Management College of Soshi Educational Group (SEG) have become members of Japan Association Society of Hawaii (JASH) since September 2019. In implementing various programs to deepen the friendship between Japan and the United States in Hawaii, we hope to work with JASH in the future.

Hiroshi Ohashi, Chair of the board of SEG, attended the JASH 2019 Annual Dinner held on September 15 with Challenge and Creation (C&C) staff members. He gave a speech and a presentation on the group’s overseas business initiatives.

We are very happy to be able to talk about our thoughts and initiatives in front of the many members working on further friendship between Japan and the United States in Hawaii.

In addition, as announced during the presentation, we are inviting local high school students from Oahu, Hawaii to the campus of Clark Memorial International High School of SEG in Hokkaido to enjoy skiing and sightseeing.

It will be a good opportunity for high school students in Hawaii to get to know and get acquainted with Japan. At the same time, it will be a valuable experience for the high school students of SEG also.  Details of this project will be released soon from JASH and, of course, will be posted on our C&C website.  We would like to thank JASH Chairman Mr. Sombrero and all others concerned for giving us such a wonderful opportunity.