Clark Memorial International High School students have attended the Mid-Pacific Institute summer school for a month.

※This article was written on 7/15/2019and may be out of date.

Clark Memorial International High School students (Clark) participated at Mid-Pacific Institute (Mid-Pac) for one-month summer program.

8 Clark students departed from Japan on June 5. The summer school started on June 10. Clark students took English Language Development courses to acquire English proficiency in the morning. In the afternoon, they enjoyed the nature and culture of Hawaii through activities what we call After School Camp, and enjoyed interacting with local students through sports.

Unlike short-term study abroad which is about 10 days, the students gradually but certainly improved their English skills by spending almost a month in school and also by living with their host family. The confidence in communicating in English grew in each participant which resulted in making new local friends that later became their treasure.

Mid-Pac teachers, students, and the host families were all very kind. The kindness and the hospitality the students experienced in Hawaii will not be forgotten. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.